متن ششمین پادکست کانون زبان پارسایان

How to choose a career?

۱) Helloooooooo everyone, today we’re here to tell you about an important subject, “How to choose a career?” but before that we’re gonna introduce ourselves.

۲) Let’s do this one in a different way this time, huh? Hello guys by the way J .

۳) Hey you allllll, hope you are perfect, I’ve got an idea, let us introduce each other like I introduce you, you introduce her, and she introduces me. Huh?

۱) Okay so let me introduce you Parvaneh. She is Parvaneh Aslanpour, she’s around 30, and she’s been working as an amazing and creative English teacher for more than 8 years now. Let’s better say she’s the most energetic, creative teacher and colleague I’ve ever had in my entire life! She’s really one of the bests. You can ask her students, they’ll tell the same to you.

۲) Oh God, come on you… thanks for introducing me this way, but I’m not that much good!

۱) You definitely are!

۲) Okayyyyy. Let me introduce Mohammad. He is Mohammad Qorbanioun, he’s around 25 and he’s finished his masters recently. He has been teaching English to students and also to university students for more than 6 years now, and he’s got an amazing passion and love for teaching. I’m sure that his students learn a lot of him.

۳) Thank you so much Parvaneh for being this much kind to me!

۲) Come on! You are a perfect one in your job.

۳) Thanks, and let me introduce Mahsan as well. She’s Mahsan Mehdipour and she’s got university degree in teaching English. She’s got more than 10 years of teaching experience. As I know her, she’s got lots of new ideas in her mind and she never gets tired at all!!!! She’s always full of energy! She’s always full of beans.

۱) I am?

۳) You are.

۱) Well, happy to hear that.

۲) So let’s get back to the main subject. “How to choose a career?”

۱) Career, career, career. Some call it job, others profession; many passion, few occupation, but regardless of how everyone’s opine might vary. Choosing a career is one of the milestones in a person’s life.

۲) Various elements come into play for choosing a career. How passionate one is in a particular line of business is the primary requirement. One can understand his/her area of interest through different means.

۳) Consulting with others, chance, genes, and life situations could kindle the interest in somebody’s mind to start a career.

۲) Consistency, then, is required to continue a task with all the upcoming barriers and problems. If people are not determined to follow-up a job, it would be better for them to nip it in the bud.

۱) Nothing should stop a person to achieve his/her goals, and if they lack determination, they would be unable to achieve the goals they have set and this could lead to further failures and consequently depression.

۳) I agree with you Mahsan. I may add another thing, skill. It is important that you have an area of expertise to succeed in a line of business. Imagine if I wanted to be a computer programmer, and I only know how to a computer would turn on and off, at best. Do I stand a chance to have my own business, or even get hired by an employer?

۲) No you don’t, but not having skills doesn’t mean that you should always let yourself down and keep telling yourself that you are not good at something. Quite the contrary, it should trigger you to start gaining a skill to increase your opportunity and boost your knowledge. Simply put, you have to have this positive attitude; I call it, to help you flourish in any way you want.


۱) Yeah, sure… (pause).

There is also something worth mentioning. Contacts, I believe having good friends is very important to establish a career as they can boost your morale and share their information and experience, but that’s not all. Actually, when we talk about contact, we mean more extended then just your friends. It has to be a network consisted of people who have different backgrounds and may or may not be afraid. These people are connected directly and indirectly with your career and it is your art to use them to have you purpose served.

۳) Hm. What about money? How important is that?

۱) Too much.

۳) You’re right. Nowadays we cannot rule out the importance of financial resources in choosing a career, but don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that money should propel you towards your goals in career. Actually being money wised could be a hindrance in this way, but whether you want to start a career from the scratch or choose a job for the salary, money attaches great importance to your choice.

۱) Granted, money is important, but honestly there is another factor which I believe is even more important than money.

۲ & 3) What?

۱) Creativity. It is a creative mind that can assist someone in trials and tribulations. To come up with a feasible solution, where those who lack this important quality fail to accomplish. There will always be room for creative people to present their excessive ideas in any enterprise.

۳) We forgot to talk about the main necessity. The one that is the foundation of a career. The one that all other qualities that we talked about so far, are dependent on.

۲) What? (Surprised)

۳) Education. If you are not an educated person, it is highly unlikely for you to be a productive person at your career. The difference lies in the education they have received in their lives. By education I don’t mean a diploma or a PhD, but there has to be something useful for success. It definitely is different from a person to person, but there has to be something.

۱) Yes, I think we pointed to all the required factors to succeed in choosing a career.

۳) Almost.

۱) What do you mean?

۳) I mean there is one element left and we forgot to talk about it.

۱) I seriously doubt…

۳) Trust me. There is something and I have just said it somehow. Trustalong with honesty, and these build a foundation for your professional relationships. Well, I believe opportunities present themselves to those who are self-disciplined and honest. Long story short, I call it character, it is the integrity in your character that makes people rely on and believe in you all of which results in a sense of satisfaction.

۱) Thanks for being so meticulous.

۳) Alright everybody thanks for listening to our podcast and stay tuned for more podcasts to come.

۱) Bye for now guys.

۲) B-bye.